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Auquall, Artificial Intelligence

Trends in Artificial Intelligence to watch out for | Auquall

Artificial Intelligence is running the world by its unique yet enthralling abilities. Movies show us the perfect examples of the changing trends in the...
best smart phones

Best smart phones which are exclusively available on E-commerce Websites

The e-commerce market has changed the way business is transacted, whether in retail or business-to-business, locally or globally. Prior to the Internet, success in...

Effective tips to build a user-friendly mobile app

In this era of technological advancement mobile phones have become an integral part of our life and it is almost impossible to imagine our...
Elevators and Hospitals

Elevators and Hospitals

Elevators are mechanisms used to raise and lower heights and moving passengers and objects in a cab. The modern technology gave hospitals the elevators...
elevator maintenance

Things to know about elevator maintenance

Whether in a corporate office or in a residential building maintenance of the elevators is crucial for its long lasting smooth performance and also...
technology, icri india

How technology is changing the face of Indian healthcare sector

The technology advancements has changed the entire scenario of the world. It has made our life much earlier and the accomplishment of the difficult...