All you need to know about loan against property


All you wanted to know about Loan Against Property | Loan Kumar

Financial cruces are just like the uninvited guests which crops us unannounced especially at the wrong time and derail all our present plans. For the majority us, we might not have the funds ready to address these uninvited financial crunches which usually seek immediate attention. In such cases we can always rely on the benefits of the loan offered by the banks and other financial institutions for the monetary assistance required at the time of emergency.
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Loan against property enables us to get the money amount required to address a situation of financial crunch in exchange of some assets or property of the loan value that we require. Loan against property is categorized as a secure loan that is disbursed against the security/guarantee of the borrower’s legally owned property. Although loans against property are not at par with housing loans as far as competitive interest rates are concerned, still they are definitely cheaper than the personal loans.

In the case of loan against property lenders have conditional ownership over the borrower’s property until the loan is repaid in full. Therefore, the borrower can obtain a loan amount commensurate to the value of the property less the lender’s margin.

Loan against property offers larger amount of money at lower interest rates and longer repayment tenure. Throughout the loan repayment tenure the borrower remains the lawful owner of the property.

Loan against property can be taken against a self-occupied property or a residential property that has been rented out, as long as the borrower is the lawful owner. Real estate that qualifies for a loan against property includes a house, a commercial property or a piece of land. Further, if a property is owned by more than one person, all legal owners need to jointly apply for the loan against the co-owned property. On order to make sure that you secure a good deal on your property, always compare between various lending institutions in terms of the loan-to-value ratio offered by the lenders. Private sector banks may offer up to 75% of the property’s value as a loan Kumar, while public banks offer up to 65%.

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