Importance of education in Rural Development

It is rightly said so the real India lives in villages. With nearly 75% of population of India residing in villages, it is very important to develop the villages both socially and economically for proper growth and development of our country.


And the first step towards any growth or development is education. Therefore, educating the masses of rural India is an utmost requirement and the basic necessity for India to be called as a developed nation.

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However, though India has made a rapid development in all sectors in the recent few years, the developments of primary schools have not been properly made. Still today, schools in villages face the following problems like-

  • Lack Of Infrastructure – Many schools in villages lack proper infrastructure facilities. There are no proper sitting arrangements and students as well as teachers have to sit of floors. Moreover, there are no facilities of fan, proper ventilation, first aid treatment and canteen.
  • Less Interest of Teachers– Teachers, especially the primary ones get very less income as compared to that of urban schools. Hence, they take very less interest to teach the students as they have to find another source of income in order to survive their family.
  • Lacks of Transportation system– Schools in villages are sparse. Thus, children have to travel miles and miles and mostly have to walk to schools as there is no availability of proper roads where buses and other forms of public transport can run.
  • Lack of Proper Funds– As discussed above, no significant measures are so far taken for proper development of primary schools in villages. Therefore, they lack funds and continue to survive in a ruin state.

The condition of rural schools can still improve if we can take the following measures-

  • Improve the curriculum course by updating it new syllabus and courses.
  • Improve the infrastructure system by making proper sitting arrangements for teachers and students as well as making full equipped classrooms with proper electrical appliances and safety measures.
  • Increase the salary of rural teachers so that they can take their full interest to teach the students
  • Make the rural parents understand the value of proper education.

Therefore, with the implementation of proper education system in the villages we can think of making a better India. Schools need to be upgraded and it is the high time when government must take necessary steps for maintaining the equilibrium of education.

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