Extend your helping hand with National organisation for social empowerment


It requires conscience more than courage to raise voice for the right of others, especially the ones who are not less able but differently able. But there are a group of helpful, wise and compassionate people in the country that have grown and come together with the aim and vision to provide persons with disability (PWD) with same opportunities as others to empower and leverage their growth in the society.

Having founded in 2012, NOFSE is a national NGO that has been selflessly working towards empowering the people with disabilities and their betterment in each way. The main aim of NOFSE is to make each differently able person strong enough to make to be self-sufficient, sustainable and financially independent.

National organisation for social empowerment.

The team of experts, activists, guides, mentors at NOFSE have worked their way to create an evidence of social success and change through empowering the unfortunate conditions of some that every able person is moved to come forward and help. Since the inception, the National organisation for social empowerment has worked in the areas of healthcare, education, food security and moral empowerment. The main objective of the NOFSE is to ensure a better lifestyle for the marginalized community and class of the nation.

The NGO runs many different projects, each addressing a different issue of the society posed towards the living of the persons with disabilities (PWDs). Some of its programs and places of activity are Mobile School, National Public School, Empower, Cure India, Sewa Bhawan and Inder.

The most active programme of National organisation for social empowerment.

The child care program where the major focus of National organisation for social empowerment is to care and protect the children. The main attention for the program is given to children belonging from three different categories, I.e. to children affected by natural disaster/emergencies, children that were exploited or a part of human trafficking, and children int he worst form of labor and children with inadequate parental care including alternatives to institutional areas.

The work done by the National organisation for social empowerment is phenomenal. The NGO experts have remarkably marked a place by understanding and building children’s’ strength and ensure their participation in their own empowerment and protection. The activities in this Child care programs are objectified and strive to promote the benefits for children, assist and support their development and protect their welfare in the society in each possible stance.

With impeccable work and undying compassion for the betterment of children and person with disabilities, NOFSE has become the epitome of selfless service and betterment of society. Do you too wish to be a part of this movement anyhow?