Coping up with Child Abuse

An abused child is the most hurt person in the world. Their childish innocence is lost due to the heinous act by the abuser and thus they commence the life of pain and agony. They are left all wounded; physically, mentally and emotionally and gradually start to distrust their beloved and dear ones. Moreover, if an abused child is not taken proper care in due time, they start detaching themselves from the society and make their own environment which often include other children and people who are also been abused. This environment can be lethal as they often give birth to antisocial activities.


Dr.Vipul Tyagi | Child Abuse

Impact of Child Abuse

Abused children feel all detached from the society. They live in seclusion for years and gradually develop mental sickness and antisocial behaviours. Even if they are taken proper care of, the whole dreadful experience of the abuse can never be wiped out from their mind. It can be so, that with proper medical care and attention they are grown into healthy adults but one flash back of those terrified memories can leading them again into intense depression.

Some common emotional problems faced by an abused child may be anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, sleep disorders or even suicidal thoughts at very intense level. Child abuse leads to bad physical health during adulthood. Even being sick, one might not want to go to a doctor because of the fear of being touched. Such can be the impact of child abuse.

Many children go through this horrendous child abuse. In spite of being very difficult to completely cope up with this crime, with proper care, love and attention of family especially parents, a child can try to lead his/her formal life of happiness and innocence.  The role of parents here becomes most crucial. They have to be in support of the child always and behave normally with extra affection and care. A neglectful, tensed or fear parent may lead to the child in more depression, Dr. Vipul Tyagi says. Thus as parents, one need to do the following things, to make their child lead a normal life again-

  • Always behave normally with your child as if nothing has happened. Normally here doesn’t mean casually. It means the way you lived with your child before he/she got abused
  • Show extra love, affection and care to your child and make them feel that you are always there for them, no matter what the situation is. You should also make them understand that no one can harm them anymore.
  • Regularly consult your child with doctors and counsellors and abide by their advice. In extreme cases never hesitate to take the help of a psychiatrist. Your child is more important to you than anyone else. Thus don’t let him/her to get neglected or ignored.
  • If your child has been abused within an organisation or institution (school, tuition, colony, neighbourhood) then immediately changed that surrounding and move to a locality which is far from there. This will make your child feel more secure.
  • If you suspect any sort of anti social activity with your child like traces of drugs or alcohol, sudden aggressive behaviour or sudden change in eating and drinking pattern, immediately consult to a counsellor or psychiatrist.

Children are considered as angels of god because of their sweet and innocence nature. Their playful nature and childish activities bring happiness all around. Thus first try to protect them from any sort of potential abuse. It is always said, prevention is better than cure. But if your child has been under the act of this heinous crime, always make them understand that it was not their fault, but the fault of the abuser.