CES 2018 Introduces some Amazing Range of Technology

Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2018) is introducing some amazing deal of technology from AI to other devices. From robots to drones, there are multiple products that are launched before officially launching in the market. As the world is looking forward to more AI infused products, tech giants are introducing some amazing range of products. We now list down products which were launched and are worth looking forward to.
CES 2018

On-Screen Technology Mobile in Vivo:

Chinese smartphone maker Vivo has presented on-screen fingerprint technology. The fingerprint sensor made by sensor company Synaptic is installed beneath the six-inch OLED display and uses AI processor that recognize 300 different characteristics. According to Synaptic, the fingerprint reader won’t suck up more battery by illuminating the user’s finger. This is certainly the big technological invention done by a mobile brand.

The Flexible TV from LG:

Last year LG unveiled Wallpaper TV which is thinner than the smartphone. This year, the brand went a step ahead by rolling out high-end flexible TV under ThinQ Artificial Intelligence platform. The TV also comes with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

AI Equipped Table Tennis Tutor:

Japanese electronics giant OMRAON created AI equipped robot that works in the harmony with humans. The tutor with AI uses sensing control; machine learning and robotics which the company created named FORPHEUS.


This fully connected high-end animal door opens and closes when it registers your pet. The device can be controlled from any location via remote, mobile devices and web browsers. Moreover, it is handy to use and provides information about pet’s movements during the day and night.

Along with these products, Sony introduces Robot dog named Aibo, LGs concept robots and other AI infused tech products that will certainly change the world we see. It would be interesting to see what new high-tech gadget and devices CES 2018 will release.

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