5 Ways how NGO can get assistance from Social Media


Over the past few years, NGO has been much active on social media to cultivate good relationship with target audience. Be it Facebook or Twitter, NGO use different platforms to connect with people and gain more followers for long term use. For NGO, social media is the right platform to tell its story, seek assistance, and gain more supporters to gain more assistance. Presently, there are large numbers of social media sites that are used by organizations to reach out to maximum audience. Just like any other business house, NGO too can use social media to create awareness among the target audience and explore its activities. NGOs like National NGO use social media in large scale to reach out the maximum audience and promote the service that can help to stay in the market for long term.

Let us now check 5 ways how NGO can use social media to promote its service to maximum audience-

  1. Define Social Role in the Communication Strategy-

NGO that uses social media should provide complete picture of its role along with strategic goals and target audience. Social media platform can help NGO to gain engagement, especially donor engagement and gaining attention of people. It is important to create content in social media platform that backs the overall communication and digital strategy. NGO need to consider how it will connect with the target audience to the website, blog and email marketing.

  1. Define your accomplishment:

As an NGO, by using social media platform you need to determine your mission to the people. Whether you want to eliminate poverty or help children in their education, you need to create posts that match to your service and future plan. Some of the examples that can help in social efforts are-

  • Community engagement and education
  • Brand building
  • Children education
  • Social empowerment
  • Fundraising
  1. Identifying the Target Audience-

For NGO, the target audience is the general public whom they can connect with and build good relationship. However, many NGOs fail to identify the target audience and end up closure. In such situation, the NGO can use native analytics on platforms like Twitter and Facebook that provides complete picture about the target audience and create engagement. Upon getting the idea, you can research and speak to the supporters’ offline gaining essential insights.

  1. Choosing the Right Networks

Once you identify the target audience, you can study the social media demographics to know which are highly active and focus on the network. To get to know which social network your target audience is on; do check out the post on the social media demographics that get more views.

  1. Create effective content strategy:

Content strategy is an important part of social media presence. While creating the strategy, you should plan- what to share, how to share and how long. Each of these prospects works best on getting the best using the social media platform at the right way.