Ways to motivate students in school

School is said to be our second home. We tend to spend the majority of our childhood in schools. It is in schools that we are prepared to face the harsh reality o the world and to adapt ourselves to the changing needs of time. It is of utmost importance to provide motivation to students in schools so as to enable them to develop self confidence and wisely undertake each given task.
Students, Vagishwari world school
Here are some of the ways to motivate students in schools.

Praising the students – Recognizing the work done by the students and praising them for it is one of the effective way to motivate them. Giving them words of appreciation in front of the entire classroom, sending positive reports at home works a great way towards motivating them.

Expect excellence – Knowing that the teacher expects a lot from her/his students motivates them to undertake their task with more hard work and sincerity. Letting the students know that the teacher expects excellence from them gives them the much needed impetus to get better grades ad complete the given projects in time and with sincerity.

Assigning classroom jobs – Creating a classroom job lists with the students such as posting to the class blog, updating the calendar, watch class pet, moderate review games, cleaning the board, putting up chairs etc, are all effective ways to encourage them.

Handing over some control – If students are given the ownership of what the teacher does in class, gives them less scope of complain. This also works towards motivating them as well.

Relating lessons to students lives – Taking in short stories and relating them to the students lives motivates them to strive for the things that they want in life. It also students in identifying themselves with the lessons that they are learning.

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