Ways to maintain the Banarasi saree

India is an ensemble of handloom and handicraft. It is home to a wide range of inexpensive materials, among which the Banarasi holds one of the top positions. The demands for Banarasi sarees are not new.
Every woman’s wardrobe is adorned with at least one Banarasi saree. The elegance of the colors and the finely woven brocade gives it the much needed glamorous look. Not only are they much heavy on the pocket but are a visual treat too.
Banarasi saree
  However beautiful a thing might be, it comes with an expiry date. The same thing happens with Banarasi sarees as well. Watching a beautiful piece of work succumb to the harsh passage of time is a heart-wrenching sight and therefore it is essential to adopt certain measures so as to maintain the timeless beauty of Banarasi materials. Let us have a look at some of the ways to maintain such a timeless piece of wonder.
  • while storing the Banarasi sarees it should be carefully wrapped in muslin and cotton storing bags that protect the delicate finely woven embroidery adorned on the saree.
  • to keep away insects from destroying such wonderful piece of work, camphor or naphthalene balls should be kept within the folds of the sarees while storing them in the cupboards which not only keeps insects at bay but also imparts a freshness to the sarees.
  • Banarasi sarees should be kept separately from other sarees as this could damage the silk.
  • while storing Banarasi sarees plastic hangers should be preferred over metal hangers as metal hangers erode over a period of time that can lead to stains on the saree and destroy its embroidery.
  • Banarasi sarees should also be kept in dark places that prevent the fading off and discoloration of its colour.
  • to maintain the Banarasi sarees it is also mandatory that the folds of the sarees should be changed frequently while storing.

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