Tricks to Prepare for Competitive Exams


Competitive exams are one of the most difficult exams to crack. However, with sheer dedication and proper preparation, an individual can crack a competitive exam even in his/her first attempt. The first step towards the preparation of any competitive exam is to understand the requirements of the exam. One must thoroughly scan through the syllabus and must take a note of the weightage of each subject. This will make the preparation of the competitive exam a bit easy because of the making of proper strategy.Following are some of the tricks to prepare for competitive exam-

 Make a Proper Time Table –While making a time table, one must follow some procedures-

  • Set realistic goals for everyday. Aim for neither to high nor too low on an everyday basis
  • Study on those hours of the day which you think are the most productive for you
  • Give more time to subjects you find difficult
  • Take short intervals between study hours
  • Change your time table every week. Make timetable from easy ones to more challenging ones

Focus on Conceptual Learning – Focus on understanding concepts throughout the preparation schedule. Do not adopt rote learning as understanding concepts can help you to remember subjects for a very long period of time, which is not in the case of rote learning.

Self Evaluation – Studying alone is not helpful for preparation of a competitive exam. One must evaluate oneself from time to time for proper preparation. One must attempt sample papers in short duration.

Some other points to take in mind are-

  • Set up an exam like environment by studying in groups and giving regular sample tests
  • Evaluate sample answer sheets by some senior persons or someone who has already given a competitive exam before
  • Check your speed and accuracy while writing sample papers
  • Avoid guesswork while attempting sample paper as in real exam it may cost you negative marking


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