Travel Tourism Industry in India in next 10 years

Travel Tourism Industry

Tourism in India is growing and in the next decade will become an enormous revenue generating source.

Figures from 2017 show that tourism in India generated about 6.5% of GDP and provided about 37 million jobs while generating USD 230 billion up from USD 206 billion in 2016.

The future of tourism in India is optimistic. With its plethora of tourist spots from mountains to seasides and historical places of great interest, India is a fantastic option to visit. In a decade India is projected to become the 4th largest market for tourism.

Some latest trends prevailing in the industry are discussed below –

  • More options for tourists on a shoestring budget – With setting up of low budget hotels and hostels which provide a clean room and breakfast at very little cost India has become an attractive option for those travelers who are financially constrained.

    Taxes and transportation charges in India are already very low which helps in lowering the cost of travel and stay in the country.

  • Visa on arrival – The visa on arrival program which started in 2014 has made it very easy to travel to India.

    Tourists of 40 different nationalities are allowed to receive the visa at the airport on their arrival. In future, this will be extended to 100 nationalities.

  • The growth of boutique hotels – There has been a sudden rise in boutique hotels across India which offer a wide variety of choice to tourists. They provide the comfort of star hotels but at a lower cost.
  • New destinations – Domestic and foreign travelers are expressing a great deal of interest in visiting new and unexplored locations.

    With better internet connectivity spanning the country more such less known destinations of the beaten track are coming to light and grabbing the attention of tourists.

Finally, the travel shows Travel shows and fairs which are publicizing what India has to offer is playing a large role in promoting tourism abroad.

It offers a forum for travel agents and tour operators from abroad to meet and discuss with representatives of the Indian government and travel industry

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