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The advent of fast-paced lifts has changed the world in every possible aspect. No matter how big the skyscrapers are, the eminent companies have come up with a marvelous solution to make inter-floor movement smoother and faster.The Modernization of Lifts has made our lives faster and more efficient than before. The downtime has reduced to a considerable extent. The elders find it easier to scale the heights. The expecting mothers can save their breath by avoiding the stairs. In India, a company like Hybon Elevators and Escalators have been designing unique and fast transporting lifts for commercials and residential buildings. Be it a commercial or a domestic project, the inclusion of elevators has truly revolutionized the modern life. Below is the list of 5 fastest lifts in the world.

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  1. CTF Finance Center Tower

The tower is in China, which boasts the occupation of the fastest lift in the world. The skyscraper has a humongous height of 530 meters, which definitely needs a fast-paced communication system. The elevator here moves at an unbelievable speed of 70.8 miles an hour.

  1. Taipei 101

The height of the building is 1670 feet and the elevator in the premise attains a speed of 60.67 km per hour. It was the fastest among all until the Chinese lift took over. The lift takes less than 30 seconds to reach the roof from ground level.

  1. Yokohama Landmark

The Landmark Tower in Yokohama has 79 lifts that work relentlessly to carry people. This system literally proves the ultimate Modernisation of Lifts. The lifts can attain the highest speed of 45 km per hour.

  1. Burj Khalifa

The building is 828 meters tall. The mega-skyscraper has the finest lifts in the world that offer a speed of 35.4 km per hour.

  1. John Hancock Center

The world-famous John Hancock Center has a lift system that travels at a speed of 33 km per hour and takes only 38 seconds to reach the highest level.

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