How to Take care of Twin Pregnancy

Expecting twins is the happiest news as a mother you can ever get. But, on the other hand you have to be extra careful as you are now holding two babies instead of one in the small embryo. As soon as the doctor confirms the good news, you need to start taking extra steps for precautions, which is much needed for you. As twin pregnancy is much more complicated than the single ones, it is the duty of your family and yours to go for frequent monitoring while ultrasound scans. Even though it twin pregnancy sounds complicated and risky, there is no need to panic at all.  Following some regularly prescribed steps by Dr. Garima Tyagi will make your delivery as smooth as it takes place while delivering a single child. Therefore, let us have a look at some of the precaution one should take when they are expecting twins-

Dr. Garima Tyagi | Twin Pregnancy

Adopt a trained nurse- It is advised to adopt a trained nurse when you are expecting twins as they know the better techniques of caring and nursing a mother who is holding two children in her womb.  Trainee nurses are also experts in getting appointments with gynecologists and helping in various sorts of tests and ultrasounds.

Getting Proper Nutrition- Getting a proper nutrition with essential elements of vitamins and folic acids are must during the pregnancy period of twins. Also, one should keep in mind of consuming small meals at frequent intervals which should essentially be healthy. Junk food and food with a high concentration of saturated fat must be strictly avoided.

Checking with a doctor at regular intervals- Since you are not giving to birth to one but two little angels, it is highly recommended for you to always have a routine check-up with the best gynecologist and strictly follow their instructions. While check up you should always be frank with your doctor and tell them about any difficulty you face. You should have regular ultrasounds from the 11th week of pregnancy till the last.  The prescribed medicines and medications by the doctor should be thoroughly followed.Bottom of Form

Add food chart for anaemia during pregnancy- A mother is at more risk of anemia when she is expecting twin baby. Thus she needs to go for extra blood tests. She should have a diet which is iron and includes lean red meat, leafy green vegetables, beans and fortified breakfast cereals to prevent any sign of anaemia.

Watch out for abnormal weight gain– It is obvious that you will gain weight during pregnancy, and gain more weight if you are expecting a twin, but you should have a thorough watch that you are gaining the weight correctly. The recommended weight gain for women is about 17 to 25 kilograms when you are expecting a twin. If you are gaining more weight, it is ideal to consult your gynaecologist and reduce weight according to his/her plan.

Proper Rest– You should slowly increase your rest period every day. Get into a habit of taking a few minutes to lay still and be quiet. This is the perfect time to do foetal kick counts. If you are a working lady, a maternity leave of 6 months is essential, 3 months prior to pregnancy and 3 months after pregnancy. Also if you are working lady, you should take rest for 10 minutes after every one hour.

Thus, it is the time to be happy rather than be tensed. You are giving birth to two beautiful angels. Just follow these above steps along with the instructions of doctor and your child birth will be normal.