Residential Elevators | The Trend that has Witnessed a Rise


Indian luxury homeowners are craving for home elevators that create an appealing look to the home. These residential elevators do not only serve as a commodity of luxury, but also for convenience in transporting elderly members safely. Until few years, there wasn’t much craze about the home elevators, but as the time changed, home owners have taken up this change. Hybon Elevator and Escalators have majorly contributed in the luxury change. The company is one of the most efficient and best lift companies in Delhi offering elevator and escalator service for residential and commercial projects.

India is the fast developing country and the growing economy has influx in standard of living of people. India’s elevator and escalator market is second largest market in the world and is next to china. With more and more commercial and residential projects coming up, the demand has increased rapidly. This has also seen an increase in the demand for residential elevators.

Hybon Elevators and Escalators | Residential Elevators

Reason for the Increase Demand in Residential Elevators

Innovation in elevators and the rise in the standard of living are largely pushing the demand ahead. Elevator companies are adding modern features and technology that helps in reducing the power consumption. Moreover, the standard of living has also increased with the economy increasing rapidly. Large house owners wanting to increase their lifestyle, install elevators that help in easy transporting.

The design also plays a major role. Many home owners look for a capsule or round elevators that consume less space. Elevators are handy, if you regularly host parties, then it allows easy transporting from one floor to other.

Installing under Law

Hybon Escalators and Elevators design and install home elevators under the mentioned laws. The entire work has to done by state law to avoid any compensation or damage to the home or lives of residents. Home owner doesn’t want to face any legal issues when it comes to installation of home elevators, and as a responsible company, Hybon ensures complete legalized work of the elevator for the home.

About the Company

Hybon Elevators and Escalators, is a leading lift company in India which was established in 2010 with the aim of changing the picture of lifts in the country. Brining modernisation and high-end safety was its main aim. The company service is IS 14665 approved by Bureau of Indian Standard and is compliant with European EN 115 and EN 81. The company has managed to cover different cities and now with its new store in Jaipur, Hybon is far reaching to every corner of India. The main goal of the company is to design and install a cost-effective elevator, keeping the users demand and safety as priority.