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One of the biggest challenges in the beginning of your career is building up your first resume for a job, while you are having no prior experience of professional work before. The biggest question that bombards in the mind of every candidate is how to present him/her in front of the interviewer when he/she does not have any professional experience in the target field before.

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However, making your resume, even if it is your first one is not at all a rocket science. There are many ways to emphasize on your available potential skills which can your interviewer. Thus, there is no need to panic. Follow the steps discussed below and you can create the best resume as a fresher-

Highlight your educational qualification – Since it is your first job and you don’t have any prior experience of work before, an interviewer will focus on your educational qualifications. The educational qualifications should be highlighted and kept at the top of your resume. Apart from your academics your special training programme (if any) should also be mentioned in your “educational qualification” section. If you have achieved any extraordinary excellence in your academic career, (topper in school, college or graduation) it should be incorporated and highlighted boldly in your resume. All these small things will quickly catch the attention and will impress the interviewer.

Put greater emphasize on other relevant experience – As a fresher candidate, you might be lacking work experience but you might have plenty of other experiences, which you can site at your resume. These experiences might also be some of the qualities that are the requirement of an organization. Some of the experience may be; internships in various organizations, volunteers for some campaigns, extracurricular activities in school like NCC and many more.

Don’t put on unnecessary things on your resume – The “X” factor of any resume should be the demonstration of your value and importance that you will bring to an organization.  Especially if you are a fresher, you should try to omit any sort of unnecessary information which is not required for an organization, which might lead to boredom and irritation to the interviewer. You should always sight your achievements and any extra experience, but it should be relevant to the job you are applying for. Suppose you are applying in a digital marketing firm and site achievements of winning swimming championship in the resume. It will certainly sound baseless. Thus, put only relevant information that is required for qualifying for the job.

Take help and look at examples – As it is your first job and you are making your first resume, you should always take the help of others. You might be an expert and a well talented guy, but when it comes to cracking your first job, experience of others always matters. You can take the help of your elder siblings, your parents, your teachers and even your friends, who are already working to build a strong and effective resume. You can also look at examples of sample resumes, available plenty at online.

Design your resume well – The design of resume is as important as its content. According to many researches, it takes only 20 seconds to build impression from your resume. Thus you should make a simple yet attractive design of your resume, which can catch the eye of the interviewer at very first attempt.

Resume is indeed the first impression of yours in the eyes of an interviewer. Thus make a simple yet attractive, detailed yet relevant resume to crack your first job at the very first interview.

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