Top Terms you should know before Seeking Pilot Training Course



You spend enough money over the pilot training course which will allow you to earn Pilot Training License. But this could be incomplete if you aren’t aware of the abbreviations or terms used in the pilot field. Thankfully, institutes like ILAM India, one of the premier institutes offering courses under commercial pilot License help students with abbreviations and certain terms during the courseware. The main reason why you must know these course abbreviations is it will help you understand which pilot license you must pursue and ratings you must earn.

Let us help you with these terms before you opt for pilot training-

  1. ATPL Integrated (Airline Transport Pilot License)

This is the highest ranked license required by all pilots planning to fly large passenger or cargo airplanes weighing more than 5700kg. The ATPL course is of two years lasting program, and at the end, students acquire so-called “ATPL Frozen” (CPL (A)/IR/ME + ATPL theory) license.

  1. PPL A (Private Pilot License)

This license permits the individual to fly airplanes as a hobby for personal tourism. This is the basic course to acquire the license and can take one year of yours to complete. Although, the license doesn’t allow to be paid for flying, individual can add-on different rating which will open up the number of opportunities.

  1. Commercial Pilot License-

This license offers permission to fly an airplane for compensation. Attaining the license is quite different than others. The course is designed in modules which mean the individual can take training in parts and has the freedom to make the decision whether to continue with the course. It is completely practical, especially for those who aren’t sure whether to become a pilot.

  1. Private Helicopter Pilot License-

This specific course is designed for those who want to acquire a helicopter pilot license. This also means that the individual can only be the pilot of the helicopter for the pleasure and benefit, also cannot get the compensation for it. If you want to keep aviation as your hobby, then this is the right license course to go for.

About ILAM India:

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