What Personalities should a Gynaecologist Posses?

A gynecologist is a profession which is involved in the treatment of female patients, especially the problems and diseases of a female reproductive system. Their treatment includes treating of breast and hormonal problems, problems in the urinary tract, pelvic disorders, cervical cancer and many more. Gynaecologists are often referred to as obstetrician thereby broadening their treatment region from delivering babies to proper health care of the mother, before and after a childbirth.
Dr. Garima Tyagi
The work of a gynecologist is often considered as intimate in nature because of dealing with female body parts. Women may feel embarrassed to discuss problems related to her private parts, especially if her gynecologist is a male. Therefore, a gynecologist should possess certain personalities or characteristics with which he/she can ease its patients and make them comfortable to speak out their problem to him/her. Let us discuss some of the traits which a gynecologist should posses-

Respect towards the patient– Many patients tend to be rigid in front of a gynecologist as they feel embarrassed or ashamed to discuss their body related problems with them, especially if the doctor is too young or he is a male. Therefore, a gynecologist should be respectful to all of his/her patients so that they can build the mutual trust and confidence so that the patient can tell her problem briefly to the doctor.

Have Tons of Patience– A gynecologist should have loads of patience with him/her. Embarrassment is the biggest factor which retains a lot of patients to discuss their problem broadly with the gynecologist. Thus the doctor should not get irritated or frustrated if the patient is not willing to speak up at the first few sessions. He/she should possess the innate quality of patience and should build up mutual trust and confidence with the patient which she will be able to discuss her problems freely.

He/she should be compassionate– In order to build the rapport with the patient and gain her respect and confidence, a gynecologist should be of compassionate and kind-hearted nature. The patient may be having the same problems again or again or she may also fear of having the same problem again but, as a gynecologist, a doctor should always listen to the problem with a smile in his/her face.

Look for minute details– As a gynecologist, a doctor should have utmost attention to look for even the minute details, even if the patient feels that it might not be related to her case. This is because, the doctor is dealing with the health problem and well being of a woman, and thus he/she should take note of minute details so that they are not missed out with anything, which may cause harm to the patient later.

Thus, a gynecologist should possess all the above characteristics in order to be successful in his/her career. One should remember that he/she is dealing with the most delicate part of a woman, therefore proper care, attention, and respect is required from the part of a gynecologist to treat the patients accurately. Check out the list of the best gynecologist in Ghaziabad.