Who to partner with for direct selling?


Starting a new business is extremely tricky and what’s more difficult is choosing who to partner or associate with. With the rise in the online selling market and absolute trust built by some companies in the cloud space, most of the people are shifting to online shopping. And so, direct selling business is what offers the best revenues to be drawn. But how do one select which company to promote and whose products should we sell? Let’s chalk out the checklist to make the task simpler and a child’s play for you.

direct selling

First, it is extremely important to decide upon which kinds of products the seller wishes to deal in. Whether it’s electronics, edibles, cosmetics, textiles, or all of them. Post deciding the products that one will be selling, jotting down the top companies selling the same products online with an extended association opportunity can be helpful.

Second, to select any of the companies you wish to partner with, ask the following questions for each one of them and compare the answers to spot the best.

  • Is the company established and working in the same industry for 5 years or more?
  • Has the company reviewed good and trusted by online buyers?
  • Are the products being dealt of good quality and life-enhancing?
  • Is the compensation plan of the company for the direct sellers (in this case, you) attractive and justified?
  • Does the company provide any training programs and introduce business development tactics before the commencement of the partnership for benefit?
  • Does the company give you spacious window and free working environment to grow and learn professionally apart from financial growth?
  • Is the company legally regulated and have ethical work policies and procedures?

To get a YES for each of the above questions may be difficult for anyone but with QNET in India, you don’t need to crack any other code. QNET India is a competent and well-developed direct selling company that abides and lives by its work ethics and operates to achieve its mission to enhance peoples’ lives with great quality products and entrepreneurial opportunities.

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