Navratri – Facts You Must Know About The Festival


Let’s start with the meaning of Navratri ‘Nav’ means nine and ‘Ratri’ means night so basically it is night nights of celebrations during which nine forms of Goddess Durga is worshipped.


Navratri interesting facts

Fact1: – Originally 5 types of Navratras are celebrated in a year.

1) Chaitra or BasantiNavratra  (March-April )
2) Ashadha  or GuptNavratra (June-July)
3)Sharadiya or Ashvin or Dussehra  (Sep – Oct )
4)PaushNavratra (Dec-Jan)
5) Magha or GuptNavratra  (Jan-Feb).

Fact 2: – Shakti is conceptualised as divine Goddess Durga which is considered very sacred and powerful goddess all across the country and also in our neighbourhood countries like Nepal and Pakistan.
Fact 3: –
The worship dates back to prehistoric times even before the dawn of Vedic ages. Now that is something as even in Vedic ages there were not much of gods/goddesses around and goddess Durga is worshipped like prehistoric times.
Fact 4: – Few chapters of Rigveda and Samveda are dedicated to worship and appreciation of goddess Shakti. ‘Devi Sukta’, ‘IshaSukta’, ‘RatriSukta’ are all her praises described in detail in these Vedas.
Fact 5: – Goddess had been invoked in every single mythical war which has eventually defined our whole existence like ‘Mahabharata’ or ‘Ramayana’.

Hats off to the spirit of fasting but my dear faster just keep these things in mind and celebrate these divine days happily.

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Have curd.
  • Avoid fried food which actually includes fried Sabudana and Aloo or Papad.
  • Eat roasted Makhanas or nuts on frequent intervals just to save yourself from acidity.

So stay happyBe happy!! Happy Navratras.

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