Roll Ball World Cup won by India – Lets know how it’s played


In a heart throbbing match, India beat Iran in the finals to win the Roll Ball World Cup 2017, both in Men’s and Women’s event. India’s Men’s Team won the game by 8-7 and Women’s Team clinched a comfortable win with a scorecard of 8-3.

India made a brilliant comeback in the second half against Iran to clinch the title of the 4th Roll Ball world cup in the men’s category while India women’s team also emerged as champions for the second time beating the opponents Team. Jammu’s lad, Hiteshwar Singh played a pivted role for team India clinching the gold. Hiteshwarsingh pursuing civil engineering from YCET, Jammu has played an important role in this achievement.

Roll Ball world cupLet’s know more about the Roll Ball World Cup game:

Roll Ball is a game played between two teams of 12 players. Out of 12, only 6 players are allowed to play on the court at a time. This game is played on skates. The ball can be held in a single hand or both hands, even during passing.

A player must dribble the ball while carrying it. In this player of both teams has to goal and the team who is able to goal more than the opponent team wins. There are two referees in a match.This game was created by Raju Dabhade of Pune City, India, while he was the sports teacher at MES BalShikshanMandir, English Medium School, and is also the Secretary of the International Roll Ball Federation.

The court size can vary from 28m to 40m in length and 15m to 20m in width. The court consists of a centre line. Penalty line is drawn 4.5m or 3.5m away from goal. Free Throw line or Goalkeeper’s line or D arena is 3.5m to 2.5m away from goal. The playing court is marked by 5 cm boundary line. All other line is marked by red or white colour. The court is hard and is made of Concrete, Tar, Mat or Wood. A 3-meter line is drawn as safety margin outside the boundary line.

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