The Impact of Technology on Academic Success


The advancement of technology in the recent years has resulted in achieving more complicated goals in an easier way. Technological advancement is one of the main factors which have yielded success to many organizations over the past decade or so. The modern-day technological equipment have also been impactful for students. The technological gadgets have helped students to accomplish far more complex objective with a lesser amount of stress. Thus technology has made a huge impact in the academic success of a student. Let’s discuss the ways in which technology has impacted in academic success.

Modern day technologies have provided innovative ideas to complete a task with less chance of errors like documenting an assignment in a computer instead of writing it by hand. While for college students, the new age technological device like tablets, laptops, desktop computers, e-readers and many other are not only an important source of learning but also are means for engaging and communicating with diverse people of same interest.

One of the most powerful inventions of technology in the educational sector is the emergence of online education. Students these days enroll in a degree course and also complete it, without even attending a college physically. These online courses are as effective as a college experience plus they have the advantage to study and gain knowledge and a degree from any comfortable place and time you like. These characteristics make it effective and thus increase the academic success of a student.

Education is the utmost necessity of students for all ages; however, it becomes more important for those who are opting for higher education, which is a platform for a good career and a good job. Earlier higher education was not a cake for all as it was an expensive task to collect all the necessary resources and information which were required for the research work and for the eligibility for being capable for holding a degree in higher education. Now, thanks to the advent of technology and the creation of computers, laptops, smartphones, internet, eBooks, photocopies and many more, collecting resources and strategically using them is not as difficult and expensive as it was used to be. Thus more and more students can now avail higher education and excel it with the help of the advanced technology.

What is the main reason of academic success of students in recent years??? The main factors will always be hard work, creativity, motivation, and inspiration. Technology complements to the hard work done but it acts as a catalyst to ultimate success as it provides the vast source of information in front of your hands in just a few seconds. Thus technologies are the gateways to infinite world of resource in the modern day world. When we view technology as a tool, great innovation is not in the technology itself but in how it alters or impacts how we advise. Thus, the greatest impact technology has on academic advising is that it leads us to find new ways to achieve our outcomes and help students succeed.

Technology has yielded greater critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in students.. Technology can be used restructure and redesign a project  that promotes the development of high order thinking skills. The biggest fear of a child in elementary school is probably the subject called mathematics.  However, using technology while studying mathematics has shown a positive result on student performance in that subject. According to many teachers, internet has provided math activities at different levels. It gave immense opportunity to a student to choose the level they are comfortable with. Thu students are able to grab mathematics easily and the fear of maths is changed to love of maths.

It is no doubt that technology has bought an immense positive impact in the academic learning of students; however, there is the other side of the coin as well.  If we talk about multimedia, children get easily exposed to sexual content on the internet. Even though encountering sexual content are not good memories, children especially adolescent are much curious to know the unwanted hence get into the risk of sexting. Exchanging sexual messages and content, and capturing sexually provoking images in the smartphones occur as part of sexual experimenting or even as a joke between peers, which can get them into immense troubling once being exposed to social media. Students who are generally more techno-savvy tend to think them as superior to their contemporaries which is leading to more cases on bullying or even criminal consequences.

Technology plays a vital role in academic success of a student’s life. It focuses on supplemental teaching tool and interactive presentation with the video clips, graphics and other audio visual elements which results in active participation of students in a classroom thus increasing the competitive nature in them. This motivates the student to learn further. On other hand technology often leads students to exchanging sexual messages and content which can land them up in big trouble. Thus the role of parents and teacher becomes more vital here. They are the ones who will make the children understand the positive power of technology and the negative effects of it as well. They are the ones who will make a child understand that if a technology is used in a wise manner, it can be the most powerful weapon of your success. On the other hand, misusing technology may lead you to nowhere but in trouble.

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