How technology is changing the face of Indian healthcare sector

The technology advancements has changed the entire scenario of the world. It has made our life much earlier and the accomplishment of the difficult task a success. While visiting a doctor one now shall not be surprised of seeing the doctor sing an iPad or any other electronic device to jot down certain notes or store your medical history. The healthcare sector has witnessed huge levels of advancements with the various medical technologies that has not only made the diagnosis process much easier but also has made possible the accomplishment of those works that has previously been almost impossible.

The technological shift has cast itself over the field of healthcare sector in India,bringing with it a digital transformation in the way doctors and patients interact. The integration of information technology and network has now become the center of the “new era” where both, digital and human aspects, are pivotal to the complete patient experience. Rapidly transforming medical technology and the availability of technology diagnostic and therapeutic equipment together with changing practice pattern of doctors has revolutionized the way health care is being delivered today.

The increasing convergence of technology and healthcare sector has lead to improvement in the patients’ experiences and has enabled the doctors to operate more efficiently. The various healthcare technology solutions have been able to modernise medical care, reduce the cost of medical expenses, avoid redundant or duplicate tests and mechanise the manual process of diagnosis.

The storage of patient data has expanded ad has become more efficient with the use of tele medicine, HIS, electronic health care records, mHealth and various other web based services. Technology has amplified the growth in data, digitization trends in healthcare information and electronic medical records. One of the most important changes that technology has brought in the healthcare sector of India is that it is now being able to refine access to the best healthcare services for a larger segment of the population. The implementation of the various medical technologies is also cost effective and is efficient as well.

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