Home remedies to reduce Stress

Stress is one of the most common problems which are faced by the majority of people in today’s world. From age 8 to 80, every person at least once (more likely more than once) have been stressed out in their life. While the severe form of stress may lead to depression and needs the proper medical care of counselors and psychiatrist, mild forms of stress, which every person faces many times during everyday situations, can be easily dealt with by the stressed individual itself, with some sorts of meditations and precautions. Therefore, let’s have a look at some of the easiest way to combat mild forms of stress which a person faces on an everyday situation-


Dr.Vipul Tyagi

Proper Meditation– As per researchers, daily meditations helps to ease anxiety by altering brain’s neural pathway, thus making one person more flexible to stressful situations. One just needs to find few minutes from his/her schedule on an everyday basis and then just recite some positive chanting by closing the eyes and sitting straight with feet straight on the floor. This will enhance a positive energy in the mind of an individual which will enable him/her to combat stress.

Exercise– Exercise is one of the most important weapons to fight with stress. It has been proved that physical stress on one’s body helps to reduce mental stress. Also exercising just half an hour a day helps in reduction of stress hormones, have proper sleep and proper functioning of the body organs which are all the factors that enable to reduce stress effectively in a person’s life.

Socialize– Living a life of seclusion often results in build up your stress level. You might be busy with work throughout the day, but if you are not able to discuss your problems or share your happiness and sadness with another person, (especially your near and dear ones) it results in activation of your stress hormone which eventually results in a build-up of your stress level. Therefore, the best therapy of stress is to talk or be engaged with other people. If you cannot physically reach out to the people, call someone and chat or use social media to engage in conversation with your friends or family.

Laugh and be happy– Laughing is the best medicine to cope up with stress. Laughing doesn’t only lighten your mood but also lowers body stress hormones along with boosting endorphins,(body’s stress buster) thus helping your body to cope up with the negative effects of stress.

Intake of natural supplements– Several natural supplements acts as an antibody to stress. The most common ones are; Lemon balm, Ashwagandha (ayurvedic herb), Green Tea, Kava-Kava, Valerian and many more. Intake of these products incorrect amount has a great impact to reduce one’s stress and anxiety.

Spend time with your pet– According to many types of research; having a pet has a great impact on stress reduction process. Many studies have also shown have people who own dogs, have relatively lower levels of stress. Pets keep you active; thereby you keep on exercising naturally. Also interacting with pets releases a hormone called oxytocin that promotes positive mood.

Stress, when in a mild category can really be controlled from home remedies. But once, it reaches the severe level, it becomes hazardous for health and then it needs the care of doctors, psychiatrist, and counselors. Therefore, if a person is able to control stress by effectively following the above-mentioned home remedies, then he/she can able to lead a normal life without any sudden emotional breakdowns. Check out what best psychiatrist in Ghaziabad says.