Important Feng Shui Plants for Wealth and Happiness – Sheel Greens


Feng Shui is an old and traditional Chinese Philosophical system which has been followed by thousands of years and even today is being commonly practiced by people in their day to day lives. Feng Shui is considered to harmonize the living of every individual based on his or her current environment. In simple terms, Feng Shui invites harmony, peace, goodness and wealth in all aspects of life. Let us find the importance of various Feng Shui Plants which restores harmony and invites peace and happiness-

The best Feng Shui Plant for Office – The beautiful Jade plant is considered as the best Feng Shui plant for office. The medium Size cactus plant Jade is considered as powerful and is placed in the office to invite prosperity and money at the workplace. Also, placing the Jade plant in office attract more business. It is ideally well to place the Jade plant on the entrance of the office, near the door or at the cubicle.

The best Feng Shui Plants for Good Fortune – Silver Crown as per Feng Shui terms is considered to be the luckiest plant for bringing good Fortune. Its well shape leaf is considered to invite good fortune for the owners. The plant can be best placed in the office or also in the living room of a house.

The Best Feng Shui Plant for MoneyMoney plant as the name suggests is the best Feng Shui. Money Plant represents good income, good luck and good prosperity to an individual’s life. Money plant takes a very small amount of place, thus it can be placed anywhere in the house whether balcony or living room or even at Kitchen. But do not keep it in storehouse or garage.

The Best Feng Shui Plants for Romantic Love Life – The flowers which mostly blossoms in the seasons of spring are considered as the best Feng Shui Plant for having a strong love and Romantic life. Keeping these types of plants in your home is considered to invite love along with goodwill and prosperity.  It also enhances the romantic relationship between the couples. This type of plants should be placed in either the living or dining room of a house.