Features that makes a software user friendly


A Software that is difficult to figure out, inefficient to use or is poorly is supported cannot make its place in the market because of its inability to win much of a user base. Hence a software should be designed in such a way so as to be user friendly in nature. Here are certain criteria that makes a software user friendly.

· Simple installation- installation is considered to be the first point if contact fir the users. Hence it is essentially important that the installation process of a software must be user friendly in nature. If the installation procedure of a software is not user friendly then the existing users of the software are going to be jaded the second time they begin using that software again. Whether it is an operating system or a single client user application, the installation procedure should be simpler as well as properly documented. The moment the installation procedure becomes complicated , users start opting out fro that software and use something more easier.

· Intuitive– if the graphical user interface of a software is not well thought of and properly executed, users will have to face issues in using that software. A well designed graphic user interface can help in overcoming certain drawbacks of the software such as poor coding.

· Easy to update– as with installation , a software’s update process should also be easy. If the update process of the software becomes complicated users are likely to skip the process of updating the software. This can often result in a number of negative outcomes such as memory leaks, updates patch security holes and many other problems as well. The updating procedure of the software must be simple enough to ensure that the users continue to reap the benefits of the software.

· Efficient– along with smooth update and installation process, a software also needs to be efficient. The software must be capable of meeting the requirements of its users. The software should not create any problems for its users in the completion of a task.

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