Having Energy Management In Place Tread The Path Of Success-Jignesh Barasara


Someone who wishes to set up a startup first needs to learn management. the person can take some tips from an experienced person known to him or her or just browse the web to get some tips. Of course, every startup is different and unique. So you can say there is no one size fits all formula for running a company.

However, there may be some general rules that everyone who is in business should follow. Among many such criteria, Jignesh Barasara places energy management as one of the key factors that lead to success.


What is this energy management?

This is the use of the human energy judiciously. In the humans, energy can be of two types- negative and positive. It is this positive energy that you need and has to use it in the right direction.

A person gets positive feelings like his or her passion, hope, focus, challenge and so on. The negative feelings are like frustration, anxiety, fear and so on. The former makes you energetic and the latter drains you. So you need to be a productive powerhouse.

To do this you need to use the energy that you have prudently. Have a plan in what way you are going to use the energy you have and also how you are going to replenish the energy.

Only if you are energetic can you focus and work with alertness. Then you will be efficient and make fewer mistakes. Sometimes a small mistake may cause you a lot of harm or even loss. You need to be attentive as you need your brainchild to grow and succeed. You cannot let your low energy to bug you.

You need to prioritize as to what work you are going to do at that time. In the mornings when you are energy level is at its peak you need to do the work that is strenuous or needs your full attention like meeting the clients, making some important drafts and the things like that.

In the evenings you may be drained off. But you need to keep working then do some work that does not take a lot of your energy. It is time to stock up the energy then you can listen to music or do some activities that will help you reload yourself.

The crux of the matter is you need to have good energy management in place just like you have time management. With both of them in good stead, there is no way that your startup will not tread the growth path.