Empower the girl child- The need of the hour


The world celebrates the International Day of Girl Child on October 11 every year. But what is the use of such celebrations if the girl child is not empowered. For the progress of the society it is the urgent requirement of the time to empower the girl child. Let us have a look at the different ways to empower the girl child.

  • Access to elementary education is every child’s right. But this still remains a distant dream for the girl child. Instead of attending schools thousands and millions of girl child are forced to be the helping hands of their parents to earn money and carry out the household chores. Widening their access to education is a necessary step to empower the girl child.
  • Making the schools safe for girls is another way to empower the girl child. Many children especially girls face a host of school related violence that hampers their path of empowerment.
  • As is said charity begins at home, similarly the empowerment of girl child should also begin at home. Parents should instill in their girl child a sense of self esteem that proves to be beneficial towards their empowerment process.
  • Traditional practices such as female genital mutilation, child marriages, and the like, that hampers the social progress of the girl child should be restrained.
  • Necessary life skills should be imparted to the girl child that makes it easy for them to handle situations they have never been into.
  • Raising boys and girls equally is a very important step that should not be overlooked. The boys should be raised up to look at girls as worthwhile partners not individuals to subjugate.
  • Books contribute to the overall development of a child. The right kind of literature that adds to the self esteem of the child works a great way towards empowering the girl child.

National Organization for Social Empowerment (NOFSE) was established in the year 2012 and is a registered NGO working for the differently able and underprivileged people of our society. The team of NOFSE work extensively to ensure that the rights of the person with disability is protected in our society and have a large share in the national development strategies through micro level social intervention.

The NOFSE Team utilize child right programming network and focuses on rehabilitation and protect of children who have been either affected by disasters or emergencies or conflict, have been under the radar of  exploitation and trafficking or have been forced into the worst forms of labour. Check National NGO Reviews to know more about them.