Digitization – A love hate relationship | Newsinheadlines


We have an ongoing debate in our house about how digital our world is becoming and whether our increasing Digitization is a benefit or a curse.Younger generations love it, the older hates it, but there is no denying that now we can’t survive without it.


Digitization has changed the way we live.

nowadays we don’t talk we “Whatsapp”, games like “Pokemon Go” are the reasons we are out in the park. We all are aware of what’s happening on the North Pole or even on the International space station, we might t not be so aware of our own neighbour.

So yes it has become a necessary evil, necessary because now it connects me with people out of my bounds, my far away mother, a distant cousin in the US, but it separates me from people sitting next to me.Due to digitization, we can learn technologies from far across the world, but we are slowly forgetting our own roots.

There is no reason for the parents to be surprised if their child’s first word is ‘Google’ or ‘Apple’ with his/her finger pointed at an Iphone or an Ipad.

It has indeed made our lives easier since producing, reproducing, sharing and deleting data has become a matter of one single click or, in some cases, just a touch. What seemed impossible ten years ago has become a reality today. However pleasing this pace of technological advancement may be, it has given birth to a greater number of problems that were unheard of a few years back.

For all we know, with new technologies, come new problems and I am positive that the age of digitization is making life easier for billions of people and making information more easy to spread but on the flip side it is giving birth to questions that we don’t have any answers to yet, and it will continue to raise more questions

The bottom line is that things are always evolving. In fact, change is one of the only constants in our lives, so why not embrace this new frontier with an open heart?  It comes to this: Can we be grateful for it as well as be cautious of it? So blessing for some, curse for others- the age of digitization is pushing our generation to limits!

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