Different Types of escalators


An escalator is a sort of moving staircase that helps in easy movement of people within different floors of a building. (Just like elevators) The escalators run on motors and their steps continuously run on tracks. There is also a handrail attached with every escalator which moves along with it for the support for the passengers. Therefore, moving in an escalator is just like you are automatically going through a staircase. An emergency stop button is also there for every escalator, which is pushed in the case of an emergency. Thus, just like an elevator, an escalator also makes the movement of an individual within different floors of a building very easy, without using much of his/her energy.Let us have a look at the different forms of escalators used in a building-

Hybon Elevators and Escalators

Step Type Escalator– Step Type Escalator is one of the most common forms of escalators used today. Their steps are usually made up of metal. The movement of these type of escalators is upward then flat and then downward and the vice versa as well. This type of escalator is safer than most other forms of escalators.

Wheelchair escalator– Wheelchair accessible escalator is nothing but a normal escalator with special provisions for a wheelchair. In this type of escalators, there is a special attendant. If a person with a wheelchair steps onto the escalator, the escalator is put in a special mode where 3 steps level out and a platform is formed. Thereafter some spikes come out from the back of the step closer to the lower landing of the wheelchair, thereby preventing the wheelchair along with the person to fall down. These sorts of escalators thereby becomes very useful for movement of physically challenged as well as an old person within a building.

Spiral Escalator– This type of escalators; have curved steps giving them a fancy sort of appearance. They look very beautiful and attractive and are only manufactured by Mitsubishi since 1985.

Levytator– Levytator is the newest type of escalator. This is a free type of escalator that can curve multiple times in either upward or downward direction. In this system, there are two escalators which continuously share loops of steps and can alo curve differently. The steps of this escalator are also uniquely built.

These are currently the different forms of escalators used in the market.  Hybon elevators and escalators provide you the best type of escalators as best suited for your building. Hybon escalators are the best producers of different types of escalators in Delhi.