Difference between Soft Landscape and Hard Landscape

Soft Landscaping and Hard Landscaping are essential elements of a good landscape design. Without the combination of the soft and hard materials, a Landscape design will surely look incomplete and will surely be not up to the mark. Therefore, much like the mutual coordination between hardware and software of a computer for smooth functioning, there is also the requirement of a good mixture of soft as well as hard landscape materials for a proper well-built landscape design.

Following are the differences between Hard Landscape and Soft Landscape –

Hard landscape and Soft Landscape are the elements of Landscape design. But, Hardscape or Hard Landscape refers to the heavy elements of a Landscape design like stone, rocks or driveways. On the other hand, Softscape or Soft landscape refers to the lighter elements of a Landscape design like soil, plants, flower or even color combination of a garden.

Let’s have a detailed look at the difference between hard landscape and Soft landscape-

Sheel Greens, Landscape

Hard Landscape – Hard Landscape consist the hard elements of a landscape design. This is generally like the hardware of a computer. The larger pieces of hard material of the landscape structure make up the bulk of the landscape design. They consist of materials like rocks, stones or masonry. They are essentially required to create a sense of space and to give a complete look to a home. A hard Landscape not only gives an ideal look to a building but also helps in solving many basic problems like diverting of water and drainage, figuring out outdoor living spaces, preventing erosion and bringing the long-lasting effect to your home.

Sheel Greens, Landscape

Soft Landscape – The Softscape or the Soft Landscape is the living part of your landscape structure. The plants, the lawns, the trees and the shrubs make up the components of Soft Landscape. For example, materials required to build a pond in a garden area are components of Hard Landscape; however, the Pond itself is a part of Soft Landscape.