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Vastu Shastra has been followed by millions of people over thousands of years. But what’s the reason of people appreciating the concept of Vastu Shastra??? The main reason is that if followed according to the norms; Vastu Shastra can help to make a person’s life better by concentrating cosmic positive energy in people’s lives so that they succeed in whatever they decide to venture in.

Sheel Greens, Vastu

  • There is also a strong link between Vastu and Plants. Vastu Shastra prescribes which plants should be placed in the corners of the house to get maximum benefits from it. Following are some of the desirable plants as per the Vastu of a house-
  • One should always place a Tulsi Plant in the North East Section of his/her house as it is considered holy and auspicious and helps people to stay healthy by purifying the air and killing germs.
  • Asoka Plant should be planted on all four directions of the house
  • As per Vastu, Banana Plant is considered as pure as Tulsi plant and if one decides to plant a Banana plant, it should be kept aside the Tulsi Plant. Banana Plant is considered to bring good income into the house and also helps in accomplishing tasks quickly.
  • Flowering plants like Sunflower, Rose, Chameli, and Marigold should be kept with medicinal plants like ginger, coriander, Lemon, grass, and turmeric in the North East direction. It is believed that planting flowering plants along with medicinal plants helps to increase social status of the house owner
  • Money Plant, as the name suggests is considered to be a lucky plant for bringing money to the house. Also, along with that, as it is lined with Venus, it is also said to have the power to increase the bond between husband and wife. The plant should be kept in South-East Direction.
  • Amla should be kept a little far away from the house.
  • If pomegranate tree is planted in the South East Direction, it may bring lots of success and prosperity to the house owner.

Thus, Plants if placed according to Vastu, may bring a lot of success and happiness to the house owner.

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