Can Soul really leave the body? – Astral Projections Myth or Fact


Astral Projection Myth or Fact

A man arrested for allegedly murdering four family members at their residence in Thiruvananthapuram’s posh Nathencode colony has reportedly told police that he was working on “an experiment to detach human souls from their bodies”. Astral projection is an unscientific stream of esotericism that involves separating one’s soul from its physical shell to create an out-of-body experience.

There is no evidence of astral projection, but indeed Out of Body Experiences has been recorded scientifically. There are cases when people have met with accidents. They were brought to a hospital. They were left unconscious for doing operations. Now at that time, they actually left their body and from outside of their body, they saw operation being done on their body. Later after the operation, they were exactly able to tell doctors the procedures of operation. This has many well-recorded cases. These are known as Near-Death-Experience(NDE).

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No one has ever been able to prove that it does. However, under certain conditions, a person’s brain’s internal map of body which allows it to recognize the body as  own and keep track of where all your bits are in relation to each other without looking can be disrupted, creating a state that is  indistinguishable from so-called “astral projection”, and can be extremely disconcerting and someone with no knowledge of proprioception (i.e. most people) would have a very difficult time explaining it to themselves without assuming magic is somehow involved.

Basically, you’re still in your body, but you’re temporarily incapable of perceiving yourself as being in your body. It sounds weird but not nearly as weird as the absurd notion that your mind is somehow capable of detaching itself from the very brain that it is a product of.  All evidence suggests that most if not all cases of astral projection and out-of-body experiences are nothing but this.

Though there are many believers and followers of the idea of Astral Projection. We at newsinheadlines do not support the notion of astral projections. This article is just to bring some light on the recent news of the family Murder in Kerala