Best way to fight Stress & Depression? | Dr. Vipul Tyagi


The growing competition in every sector does not need any introduction. Everyone is in a race to be better than the other. Everyone wants to be successful in no time. All are trying to make lots of money. But, in the race of getting successful and making money we all are compromising on having a peaceful life.

Most of us take stress on small things and get worried if things don’t turn in our favor. As a result of these tensions people now are suffering from stress and depression. Are you also suffering from depression? It is very important to timely manage this depression and stress.

The best way to fight depression:

If not cured at the right time, depression and stress can take full control in your life and can make you unhappy.

According to Dr. Vipul Tyagi-one of the Best Psychiatrist in Ghaziabad, suggests that if you want to have a happy and satisfied life then you must try to be happy and should focus on the positive side of life. Your happiness is in your hand and you have to take the initiatives to maintain it. If you are going through depression and stress then you must be open about it. In this way, you will be able to handle it much easier. Hiding it from people will only increase your problems and will cause irritation and anger over small things which will further make the situation worse.

He further added that for depression and stress, people must try yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation can be the right cure to fight the depression. Doing yoga and meditation for some time in a day will help you think positive. Exercising for some time along with yoga and meditation will help you get enough sleep and to have a balanced diet. You will start talking to people and appreciating yourself.

Depression can happen to anyone and can cause stress. Being depressed or stressed over anything is not something to be ashamed of and it does not mean you have to hide from everyone. You must take the required actions at the right time to defeat depression. In the case of severe depression, you must consult a Psychiatrist who can help you find the cause of depression by having sessions that can yield the best results for you.