Benefits of Having a Career in Animation


A career in Animation can be exciting and thrilling as compared to other traditional careers in the fields of manufacturing, services or research. Animation is actually the combination of art and science wherein artistic designs meet with scientific technologies and images of 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional (2D And 3D) are created to educate, impress and entertain the users as well as the viewers.

Career in Animation

Scope of Animation in India

After completing the course of animation and multimedia from a reputed college, individuals can be absorbed in the field of advertisement, video making, and web designing, game development or even in the movie industry. Lovely Professional University, one of the biggest private universities in India provides a full time Bachelors and Master course in Animation, multimedia and gaming for tenure of 5 years. It has also a specific bachelor course of animation for 3 years and master course of animation for 2 years. With faculty members who are experienced in this field for over decades, individuals in Lovely Professional University can learn the tits and bits of the Animation and multimedia Industry along with ample amount of Industry exposure for making every student an expert in the field of Animation.

A degree in Animation allows freedom of expression through visual experience. An individual who is passionate about the animation field can express his/her ideas in the most fascinating and creative way. Thus, animation allows an individual to combine creativity with technological brilliance.

Future of Animation in India

In the last decade, we have seen a tremendous growth of VFX and animation in the fields of advertising, movies as well as gaming industry in India. Thus, candidates who get a good degree of animation from a reputed college like LPU along with have a well versed knowledge in this field of work can get ample amount of scope to nurture his/her professional career in the entertainment, advertising or gaming industry. Also, one can work as a freelancing animator along with his/her full time work, thus having more scope of income as well as professional development. Lovely Professional University (LPU) has 100% placement record in the sector of animation. Thus, along with providing world-class teaching and infrastructure facility to each and every student, LPU also secures the future of every aspiring animator by giving them a good job in the market.

Lovely Professional University is the best college for master degree and bachelor degree programme in India. LPU has the best placement facility and has the one of the best campuses in India.